TBT- Fashion Trends of the Early 2000’s

In the early 2000s, stars from the Mickey Mouse club such as Britney Spears, Drrty X-Tina, Justin Timberlake were on the rise. Destiny’s Child was making the world a better place, and preparing us for what was to become The Queen Bee.  These stars brought us hours of entertainment not just through there music and drama, but also through their unforgettable fashion trends. Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable fashion moments in the early 2000s with this TBT edition of Basically Stacked. Enjoy!

Track Suits- Anything Juicy and Sean Jean was a must.

5b31714fea5fc48da7c0b8d48e56751d 167900_fpx

Von Dutch Hats- not just for truckers

. enhanced-buzz-23533-1374008923-5enhanced-buzz-17955-1412869220-10

Denim Suits-head to toe was a must. 

destinys_child_kelly_rowland_beyonce_knowles_michelle_williams_band_promo_publicity_photo_18oogdp-18ooh1j-2 article-2353460-002C47B800000258-633_640x762

The Drrty Look- Made famous by Xtina. 


Thongs Everywhere- Thanks Sisqo

Unknown lita-sexy-wwe 93b6035a3fbb9b54827d6de8e183c1fe

Do Rags

nelly and jay-z early 2000s fashion evolution 95c5a25b16e23df2002594089b66c790

Braids and Cornrows- I’m a sucker for manicured toes and cornrows…


Chunky Blonde Highlights- Guilty


Bleached Blonde Hair for Guys- Oh Justin!

a53ec8bd53384ca1d8a3b1f181a2c4b9 XXX GRAMMY 2000 A ENT USA CA

Studded Belts


And finally, anything Destiny’s Child wore was just bootylicious!



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