Be fabulous in bright clothing.

Spring time is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. That means fashion stores and malls are filled with bright clothing and accessories vying for your attention. You probably gave in and bought something really cute and really bright. Now that it’s hanging in your closet, you’re probably wondering how to wear it without looking like the Kool-Aid man or a middle school student. Have no fear and read on for some tips and idea on how to wear bright colors the fabulous way.


Pair brights with black, white, and stripes, or polka-dots.
This is definitely my favorite way to wear brights. It’s a very fun and fashionable look, and you probably already have all these items in your closet.

Brights 3brights 4

brights 5brights 10

brights 7brights 9


Black with brights

Match your bright colored clothing item with black. Pick a bright blazer, skirt, shirt, or pants and match it with all black for a chic look.

Brights  brights 12 Brights 11brights 6


b12    brights 2


Bright one piece

A fun alternate to the LBD. Pair a one-piece with heels or wedges for a night out, tone it down with sandals for a casual look.

Tip: Hot pink looks great on any skin tone!


b14            b15            b17 b18    b19       b20

b21            b22


Brights with neutrals

Pair your brights with neutral colors such as brown, tan, ivory, white, cream, gray, and jean clothing.

b27     b29 b30 b32       b33                               b34                       b35




You can also add vivid colors into your look by adding bright accessories, such as belts, shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves, headbands, etc.

b46b44 b43               b41             b40






































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