TBT- Fashion Trends of the Early 2000’s

In the early 2000s, stars from the Mickey Mouse club such as Britney Spears, Drrty X-Tina, Justin Timberlake were on the rise. Destiny’s Child was making the world a better place, and preparing us for what was to become The Queen Bee.  These stars brought us hours of entertainment not just through there music and drama, but also through their unforgettable fashion trends. Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable fashion moments in the early 2000s with this TBT edition of Basically Stacked. Enjoy!

Track Suits- Anything Juicy and Sean Jean was a must.

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Von Dutch Hats- not just for truckers

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Denim Suits-head to toe was a must. 

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The Drrty Look- Made famous by Xtina. 


Thongs Everywhere- Thanks Sisqo

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Do Rags

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Braids and Cornrows- I’m a sucker for manicured toes and cornrows…


Chunky Blonde Highlights- Guilty


Bleached Blonde Hair for Guys- Oh Justin!

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Studded Belts


And finally, anything Destiny’s Child wore was just bootylicious!



Be fabulous in bright clothing.

Spring time is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. That means fashion stores and malls are filled with bright clothing and accessories vying for your attention. You probably gave in and bought something really cute and really bright. Now that it’s hanging in your closet, you’re probably wondering how to wear it without looking like the Kool-Aid man or a middle school student. Have no fear and read on for some tips and idea on how to wear bright colors the fabulous way.


Pair brights with black, white, and stripes, or polka-dots.
This is definitely my favorite way to wear brights. It’s a very fun and fashionable look, and you probably already have all these items in your closet.

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Black with brights

Match your bright colored clothing item with black. Pick a bright blazer, skirt, shirt, or pants and match it with all black for a chic look.

Brights  brights 12 Brights 11brights 6


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Bright one piece

A fun alternate to the LBD. Pair a one-piece with heels or wedges for a night out, tone it down with sandals for a casual look.

Tip: Hot pink looks great on any skin tone!


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Brights with neutrals

Pair your brights with neutral colors such as brown, tan, ivory, white, cream, gray, and jean clothing.

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You can also add vivid colors into your look by adding bright accessories, such as belts, shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves, headbands, etc.

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Tattoo Fashion

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. Many believe the art of Japanese tattooing goes back to 10,000 B.C. The earliest evidence of a tattoo found on a human body goes back 5,200 years ago, when a frozen mummy nicknamed the “Iceman” was found to have markings on him similar to what we now call tattoos. 

Tattoos have been found on mummies all over the world, including Egypt (where tattoos where strictly for women), Peru, Africa, Chile, Greece, Greenland, China, and Japan. They were used to mark status, association to a certain group, used as punishment, for spiritual reasons, and for decoration. 

In 1769, James Cook made his expedition to Polynesia and found it’s residents to be heavily decorated. The islanders had elaborate geometric designs on their bodies. They used the term tattau, which means to strike or hit, and thus our modern day term tattoo was born. The style become famous with European sailors and coal-miners. 

In today’s world, tattoos are pretty common and easily accessible to anyone with some extra cash. For some people, tattoos still serve as a way to label or brand themselves (think prison or biker tattoos). Tattoos can also serve for spiritual reasons, or just a creative way to express yourself. Regardless of the current number of tattoos your body is displaying right now, read on to get your ink fix. 

American Traditional 

Also called “Old School,” this is the most popular tattoo style in the west. It originated in American military bases in the 1930’s and 40’s  Designs include anchors, hearts, pin-ups, and ships. It has bold sections of black and solid colors. 

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New School

The current trend, opposite of old school. Includes unique patterns and custom designs. This is more of a “one-of-a-kind” tattoo. 

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Tattoos today look more and more realistic because of technology. New tattoo guns and ink are make it easier to create fine lines (not that it’s easy!) The number of people getting tattoos has also led to more tattoo artists. Skill level has increased because of this. Tattooing can now be a profitable career if you know what you’re doing. 

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Black and Grey 

Any tattoo regardless of the style can be black and grey. This style is different because it is often associated with prison or bikers. The Chicano style black and grey originated in East LA in the 1970’s. Prison tattoos obviously had to be black and grey because color ink isn’t available in prison. The style spread to biker culture as well. This includes a lot of skulls, memorials, phrases, and scripts. Black and grey portraits are popular as well. 


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Totally got a bad rap in the 90’s, but tribal tattoos are actually pretty badass. The Iceman mummy from 5,200 years ago was found with tribal markings. It’s the oldest form of tattooing known, and has very spiritual meaning. If done well and for the right reasons, tribal is amazing tattoo work. 

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Tattoo style for sci-fi fans. It features human and robotic parts intertwined. Most commonly depicted as torn skin exposing robotic parts underneath the flesh.

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My favorite style. It’s a flat, two dimensional style. Very rich in meaning, often portrays items that have significant and/or spiritual meaning. Most commonly seen are: Buddhas, flowers, Koi fish, clouds, waves and water, tigers, dragons.                                                     

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Words of Wisdom: 

You get what you pay for. Remember this will stay on you for the rest of your life. It will cost more to get a cover up or removed! 

Yes, tattoos hurt. Some more than others! It all depends on the size of the tattoo and the placement on your body. Spine, rib cage, feet, knuckles and bony areas hurt more than fleshy areas. 

When considering placement, think about your job. If it requires you to cover up, make sure you’re willing to! 

When looking for a tattoo artist, make sure you look at their portfolios and reviews on the internet if possible. Especially if you are going for a portrait or something very realistic. Not everyone can do that. That being said, there are several amazing and very talented artists out there. Enjoy! 




Men’s Fashion- For men who don’t really give a sh*t.

My journey into men’s fashion was not an easy one. I had been toying around with the idea of writing about it, but was hesitant due to lack of experience with the topic. I also feel like men aren’t really that concerned about what they wear. As long as it’s comfortable, it works for men right? Finally, though, I ventured into the fun world of men’s fashion when my sister requested a post about it. I’ll admit, I don’t get half of the stuff that’s out there labeled as men’s fashion, and I would not recommend any guy to wear it. Google men’s fashion and then go to images and you’ll know what I mean.  Taking all that into consideration,  I decided to write with the everyday casual male in mind. The guy who is pretty much clueless about fashion, or does not give a rats ass about it. I also kept you in mind ladies. Those of you who want your man to be a little more presentable, but not more fashionable than you. Below are some ideas for you men, and a little section of dos and don’ts. 

P.S. If you have time, seriously search images of men’s fashion on the internet and see what you find…


First off, never underestimate the power of a plain, casual t-shirt and jeans. Just make sure the t-shirt is the right fit. Not too tight, and not too loose or you’ll look sloppy. Jeans should also be the right fit. Don’t sag, and if you’re not in high school or a Ramones tribute band, don’t wear skinny jeans!






Thermals  can also make you look well put together in cooler weather. I personally love the look of a nice fitted thermal.






Flannel shirts are super casual, yet also fashionable. Bonus: they look great with jeans and chucks. Wear them all the way buttoned up, or with open with a t-shirt underneath.





For the grown and sexy man. Playing dress up from time to time is also fun. Some ideas below for the occasions that call for a fancy version of you.











Finally, some tips: Keep in mind that although I am not an expert on men’s fashion, I am a female and an expert on what women do and don’t like.

1. Do not wear sandals unless you are going to the beach or going to Walmart.

2. If you ever want to get laid again, do not ever under any circumstance wear sandals with socks.

3. Don’t wear V neck t-shirts. Do wear simple, fitted t-shirts.

4. Don’t wear shorts that go above the knee. Do wear shorts that fit well, and reach your knee.

5. Leave the crop tops to the ladies. (Shirts that show your belly)

6. Keep chest hair covered up. Better yet, shave it!

7. Do rock a beard.

8. Leave Hawaiian shirts alone! Even if you are on an island.

9. Don’t wear huge chains.

10. If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be this: Please do not wear sandals with socks, ever!!!!

Fun Floral

Floral prints are always a huge trend for spring, and 2014 is no exception. Floral prints can be tricky, however, because there is so much going on. I got you covered though! Browse below for tips and ideas on how to confidently rock the floral piece.

 Simple and Sophisticated

Look for clothing that features small floral prints. This delicate print is super feminine and flirty. To enhance a simple and sophisticated look, pair your outfit with heels or wedges. Pairing your outfit with neutral or pastel colors completes this look.





Tip 1: The floral piece should be the highlight/center piece of the outfit. Pair it with a neutral/solid color.


Bold and Fun Floral
If you’re feeling more vivacious and bold, look for prints with larger floral patterns, and prints with a more vibrant color. These designs draw more attention, and are a bit more rockstar or sporty versus the delicate flirty look. I still suggest that you match these items with a solid color. Black is always a perfect choice! You can wear heels to complete the outfit, or try adding combat boots or canvas flats for a sportier look.








Tip 2: Highlight your best features. Floral prints attract more attention to your body and amplify that sections features. So if you’re blessed in the chest and don’t want extra attention, don’t wear tight floral tops. Junk in the trunk and shy about it? Leave the floral leggings and jeans behind.


Use Floral Prints to Accessorize
Floral prints don’t have to be restricted to tops and bottoms. You can add some style to any plain outfit with floral print accessories. Some ideas include: scarves, hats, a watch, clutch, tote, shoes, nails, you get the point. Again, the floral print should be the highlight of the outfit.








Tip 3: I recognize a lot of magazines out there recommend mixing floral prints with other patterns such as stripes or even other floral prints, but I recommend staying away from this trend  in order to avoid looking like a hot mess. If you insist, have fun with it and wear your outfit with pride. Remember though, pictures last a lifetime! 

Shoes, need I say more?

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Bette Midler (not Marilyn Manroe as many think, though I love her too) bestowed us with this wise quote years ago. Shoes not only protect our feet, but are a way to express our style and creativity. We wear our heart on our soles, and you can tell a lot about how a person is feeling by the type of shoes they are currently wearing. I cannot explain the joy that buying a new pair of shoes brings me, it’s a shoe-gasm in a box! No, material things will not bring lasting happiness, but what better way to accessorize your journey then with a fabulous pair of shoes? Read below for some ideas on how to pair the right shoes with your outfit, get your shoe fix for the day, and relax about your shoe obsession.


Add pop to your outfit by pairing a bright heel with a black or brown dress. 

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If your outfit has multiple colors, focus on one main color for your shoe, preferably a color in your outfit.

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Wearing one solid color from head to toe? Choose a different color pair of shoes to really stand out.

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Pair stiletto heels with a pencil skirt or slim pants to help elongate your legs

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Looking for cute, comfy heels for work? Choose kitten heels…

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Wedges are easier to walk in than heels, and can be added to any casual springtime/summer outfit to make it look more fashionable. Though slightly more comfortable than heels,  don’t expect to run marathons in them.

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Last but not least, flats.  If you’re petite, wearing flats with skinny jeans that hit right at the ankle will give you the illusion of being taller. If you have an hour glass shape, pair flats with dresses and skirts that land right above the knee. For taller females, wear  flats with leggings and a loose top. Finally, the type of flat you decide to wear depends on the look you are going for. For an elegant look, try ballet flats. Canvas flats, sneakers, sandals, and plimsolls are all considered casual flats. 

Ballet Flats: 

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Casual Flats:

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 And just for fun, pictures of fabulous shoes

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Fashion in India

Long ago, Mahajaras and Ranis (kings and queens) would spend lavishly on clothing and outfits. What they wore dictated fashion in India. This tradition continued for several centuries, until the economic liberation of India in the 1990s. This led to an economic boom, and an increase of exposure to global fashion. Today, India is a country with an emerging fashion industry. Though designers were around before, the 90s produced a growth spurt. Today, Indian designers have established themselves in the fashion industry over the last decades, yet still blend traditional Indian garments with modern trends and styles.


The Sari

Sari is a Sanskrit word that means strip of cloth. It is a drape that varies from 2-9 yards in length, and 2-4 feet in width. It is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff area. The Sari is said to be associated with grace. There are more than 80 ways to wear a Sari, and it’s tradition dates back to 2800-1800  B.C.




The Choli

The Choli is a midriff baring blouse worn with the Sari. It is designed to fit tightly, have short sleeves, low neck, and is cropped to  expose the navel. It is perfect for hot summers in South Asia!





The Lenhenga/Ghagra

The Lenhenga or Ghagra is a form of skirt that is long, pleated, and often embroidered. It comes in vibrant colors and is worn with the choli.





As fashion in India continues to involve, my hope is that rights for women in India evolve as well. Though the main focus of my blog is on fashion, I am an avid supporter of women’s rights and hope that the beauty, body, and mind of Indian women are treated with the full respect they deserve.



Indian women and men protesting crime against women, after four men were found guilty of gang raping a women on bus in Dehli.